Hi! You can call me Tye.

My pronouns are they/them.

What can Tye do?

I’m a Software Developer! I have experience with frontend and backend frameworks. My native language is Javascript(ES6). My favorite technology is React front-end framework (Postman is pretty nice, too). I’ve experimented with several different backends, a few of those being Express along with Python + Flask. Take a look at my projects! I'm always working on them and they were built with some of these technologies.


Story time!

After graduating from General Assembly and receiving my certificate of completion (sending love to all fellow bootcamp graduates), I moved to Pittsburgh to find new opportunities. I moved in with my best friend from high school after visiting to attend the June pride parade in downtown. My friend is a successful young woman of Puerto Rican heritage- just like me- who had just graduated from Carnegie Melon and was getting ready to start her first remote job in tech. She is a wonderful role model for me while I walk down my own path into the tech industry. Right now, I'm working as a Sales Associates at Spencer's Gifts in Monroeville Mall, applying to jobs, polishing off old projects, and developing new ones to show to my developer friends at Pittsburgh Meetups like Code and Coffee and Code for Pittsburgh. I'm also entertaining the exciting idea of persuing a Software Developer Batchelors degree. 📖📚🙇🏽


GLG Sneek Peak

Lavndr is a social networking "dating app" style of web application specifically tailored for members of the LGBTQA+ community to find platonic connections and build communities.

Built with Claire Thompson and Tim Crisp.

See the repo here and the deployed site here

GLG Sneek Peak
Great Lakes Games

A site inspired by the retro era, displaying retro games via the rawg.io API. GLG allows its users to log in, have full access to CRUD on their reviews, as well as posting a comment to any review.

Built with Dan Richardson and Joseph Weathington.

See the repo here and the deployed site here

GLG Sneek Peak

Inspired by Vent.co- Proclaim is a social media platform that provides its users with a safe space to share encouraging and supportive Proclaims as well as reply to Proclaims with comments.

See the repo here and the deployed site here

GLG Sneek Peak
Temp Quest

A browser game featuring a snail trying to find treasure.

See the repo here and the deployed site here

My Resume